Our Studio offers a broad range of services, including:  

  •  Examinations
  •  Cleaning
  •  Stabilization treatments
  •  Restoration
  •  Conservation
  •  New linings
  •  Hanging systems
  •  Mounting for display
  •  Custom dyeing of fabrics
  •  Custom pillow designs

We treat a wide variety of textile objects and objects with a textile elements such as:

  •  Tapestries
  •  Screens
  •  Antique Aubussons
  •  Flatweave kilims and rugs
  •  Needlepoint and petit point
  •  Samplers ยท Embroideries
  •  Flags and banners
  •  Upholstery panels
  •  Furnishing textiles
  •  Liturgical vestments

We also work with non-textile antique furniture and upholstery professionals to provide complete service for our clients.