Tapestries and antique textiles are decorative pieces of artwork. They make a beautiful addition to any space and are extremely valuable, some antique tapestries are considered to be priceless.

The main cause of decay in textiles is the environment in which they are stored. Light, humidity, air pollution, and temperature can all contribute to a textile’s health or deterioration, depending on their intensity.

The most destructive influence on textiles has the ultraviolet light. It can seriously damage textile’s structure and colors.

Dust and dirt can actually cut fibers as they expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity.

High temperatures and humidity togheter, encourage the growth of fungi, bacteria and other pests that feed on textile fibers.

Airborne chemicals, such as smog or cigarette smoke are also harmful to the textiles, and should be avoided if at all possible.

Textile designed by Bruce Talbert. Picture taken prior to restoration.

Same antique textile after restoration.